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Originally from Spain, Victor played football from a young age to a good decent level for many years, and was very active, also participating in cross-country and athletics, as well as surfing in his spare time as a hobby.

But it wasn’t until he moved to England that he found a passion for personal training and working out. He then trained for many years, taking out training to keep fit and healthy, and it all developed into getting his Personal Training Level 3 certificates. Once he got qualified he decided to pursuit a career in fitness, as he enjoys interacting with people and helping other towards a healthy life style.

He undertook strength training, weight lifting and conditioning, and switched back and forth. A couple of years ago he also got involved in endurance training, doing long runs, trail running and ultra marathons, just because he wanted to challenge himself in a different way.

He managed to compete in an Ultra marathon of 86 km that was part of the sky run series, where a lot of elite athletes also took part, and managed to complete it in 11:30 hours (The winner’s best time was 6:45 hours.)

These days he’s back at the gym training, while also keeping an eye on his next challenge, which will be participating in a triathlon at some point next year.

I believe that anyone can achieve any goals they set their minds into. It just takes a bit of effort and determination, and if you do it the right way and look after yourself you’ll achieve a healthy and more energetic “You.”


Best in:

  • Weight/fat loss
  • Body toning
  • Strength training
  • Muscle bulk
  • Core specialist
  • Circuit training
  • General fitness


  • Personal Trainer Level 3
  • Sports & General conditioning
  • Core & Torso training
  • Resistance training
  • Circuit training