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Jimmy has training in sports and martial arts since the age of 5 ,  starting with karate and tennis, before playing basketball for 10 years.

He devoted himself to the practice of different martial arts 7 years ago and replaced his ambition from basketball to kickboxing and MMA ever since.

He started to work as a trainer  10 years ago  as a student athlete with The sports academy of Montpellier , France, while playing for Montpellier basketball club.

Today he is training MMA with the london shoot fighters as well as being an ITF taekwondo fighter with UK ITF.

Focusing his ambitions on Mixed Martial arts, Athletic fitness and personal training he aspires to help others to lead a better, stronger and healthier life.

“I truly believe in fighting your way fit as it is our mental physical and spiritual fitness we are fighting for.”

Jimmy uses all of the best and more efficient training methods that he has come across during his training career to adapt to his clients’ goals: Weight loss, Athletic sports conditioning, general fitness , self-defence…

“If you want to look like a champion, then you need to train like one, even if its 2 -3 times a week!”


Best in : Jimmybw
  • Athletics
  • Plyometrics
  • Gymnastics
  • HIIT
  • Cross training
  • Kickboxing
  • Sports specific training
  • Self Defense
  • 4 Years basketball coaching and athletic trainer
  • 10 years personal trainer
  • Trained amateurs all the way to PRO Athletes
  • Kickboxing trainer for 6 years
  • Massive weight loss records with committed clients
Qualifications :
  • Athletic Sports trainer
  • Kickboxing trainer
  • Totalgym pilates instructor
  • WTF Taekwondo Martial arts strength conditioning trainer

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