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Alanna is a fully qualified fitness instructor and personal trainer. Sports and fitness has been a mainstay in her life from a very young age. From swimming and badminton to field hockey and horse riding, she has participated and competed in many. However, her specialty is muay Thai, an ancient martial art form hailing from Thailand. She always looks forward to using the knowledge gained from all of these pursuits to help others reach their own fitness goals.

Alanna empowers her clients to look and feel their best by pushing them past what they believe is possible. She delivers varied and progressive training plans that will challenge and change you. Coupled with a strong passion for good nutrition, she can help and encourage you to get the results you want.


AlannaBest in:

  • Weight (fat) loss
  • Strength training
  • High intensity training
  • Circuit training
  • Core strength & stability


  • REPS Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training, YMCAFIT
  • Award in TRX functional training
  • Award in suspension fitness, YMCAFIT
  • Diploma in Nutritional Therapy, Health Sciences Academy

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