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The Detox-Fit Effects System ™

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We don’t believe in diets. We don’t believe in ridiculous crazy fitness regimes. We don’t believe in a totally passive lifestyle. We don’t believe in nonsense GENERALIZATIONS.


We believe in :


Applying our cutting-edge expertise, knowledge and scientifically proven evidence you will get to know your body and re-learn what to do and how to do it in a 100% effective way.


You will learn how to get the right balance between Exercise, Nutrition and Lifestyle, including Body & Mind state.




Each person is different and so every client is treated in a highly individualized way. It is crucial to apply a customized holistic plan.






Detox-Fit Effects System™ is the ground-breaking and unique program that will give you the right tools to achieve your goals. You will be able to lose fat and inches, gain muscle tone, improve your health, self-esteem and enhance your general well being. As long as you do what we advise you will get and exceed your expectations. Guaranteed.

What makes Detox-Fit Effects System ™ different from other traditional training methods is that we apply a multi-dimensional and fully customized approach to fitness, while also integrating mind & body. We are the only fitness experts who use leading-edge expertise for both our diet and exercise modules, taking into account a crucial holistic approach and keeping track of all the progress and adjusting whenever is required.

The sad reality is that Britons are spending millions of pounds on health issues that are related to poor diet and lack of exercise. Obesity, heart disease, many types of cancer, diabetes type II, stroke and many other diseases and health concerns are directly linked with what you put into your body. We have the know-how to tackle this in a 100% effective way, taking care of both your nutrition and exercise routine.

Our experience shows that the use of the Detox-Fit Effects System™ maximizes the quality of results achieved by our clients. As a general guideline, following our System you can realistically expect to lose over 3 inches off your waistline in just 3 weeks. We count with over 12 years of expertise in the field and can guarantee that, as long as you follow our advice, you will achieve your results, helping you to get into the best shape and health of your life.

The Detox-Fit Effects Systems™ isn’t just about Health & Fitness, but about you becoming a better and upgraded version of yourself.