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60 capsules. Our Premium Organic Maca powder is a blend of 4 different Maca roots: Red, Yellow, Purple and Black. It’s of stronger potency than any other single orrdinary Maca available out there and non-GMO.

It’s suitable for everyone, including vegans and celiacs as it’s gluten-free.

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Product Description

Our Premium Organic Maca is a blend of 4 different Maca roots: Red, Yellow, Purple and Black. It’s of stronger potency than any other single orrdinary Maca available out there. It’s suitable for everyone, including vegans, celiacs (gluten-free) and is non-GMO.

It has a wonderful fresh aroma and it is somewhat sweet with a creamy, sort of malty caramel taste, and blends well with almond milk & cacao powder, making it a super luxurious and healthy drink that can be enjoyed hot or cold. A couple of teaspoons can be mixed in and enjoyed in your porridge or favourite smoothie, to savoury or sweet dishes, fruit juices, as a toping on desserts, etc.

What is maca?
Maca is a plant known as Lepidium peruvianum Chacon, which grows in the Peruvian Andes over 3500 metres above sea level. These are harsh conditions, in which plants have to be good at taking up nutrients from the soil. Maca’s root and hypocotyl, the bulbous stem below the leafy growth, have for centuries been part of the diet and culture of local people. According to the legend, Incan warriors consumed it prior to battle to increase their fighting spirit, and it has historically been used to enhance strength, stamina and libido. It presents a broad spectrum of nutrients, and today is increasingly popular with athletes.
Maca is a nutritionally dense super-food that contains high amounts of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and all of the essential amino acids. Maca root is rich in B-vitamins, which are the energy vitamins, and maca is a vegetarian source of B-12. To boot, maca has high levels of bioavailable calcium and magnesium and is great for remineralisation.
Maca is mineral-rich with calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sulphur and iron, and contains trace minerals such as zinc copper, selenium, manganese and silica.
Maca contains nearly 20 different amino acids and 7 essential amino acids giving you a wide variety of benefits.
There are several variants of Maca, which express themselves in the colour of the root and hypocotyl. Maca can be cream, yellow, green, red, purple, grey or black. Fundamentally these have the same basic wide nutritional profile, but they exhibit small shifts in the proportions of their secondary phytonutrients. Scientific study has begun to confirm the established dietary opinion that different colours of Maca have varying nutritional properties and potency. Premium Maca powder contains a blend of 4 phenotypes of Lepidium Peruvianum Chacon, a specific type of Maca designed as an optimal general combination, and has stronger potency. These are red, yellow, purple and black roots.

Maca root helps balance our hormones which is great as, due to an overabundance of oestrogens, most people’s hormones are a bit, or a lot, out of whack. Hormones regulate many things including mood, growth, sexual development, and tissue function.

Instead of providing hormones to the body, Maca works as an “adaptogen” which means that it responds to different bodies’ needs individually. If you’re producing too much of a particular hormone, Maca will regulate the production downward. However, if you’re producing too little, it’ll regulate the production upward.

What’s so special about Maca?

Maca Root

It is so full of wonderful nutrition, that once you start eating it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner! Maca

contains high amounts of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and all the essential amino acids. In fact, it has about 10%

bioavailable calcium and about 12-14% bioavailable protein. It contains nearly 60 phytochemicals. It’s an adaptogen so it “adapts” to your body’s metabolism, working with your body on repairs. This little unsuspecting root can help you achieve your optimal level of health and energy.

Athletes use Maca to boost energy, stamina and performance, instead of resorting to dangerous steroids.
Men use Maca to increase erectile tissue response — it’s called Peruvian Ginseng.
You can use Maca to elevate your mood and improve mental ability and concentration.
Beautify yourself naturally with Maca! It increases blood circulation in your skin, giving it a youthful appearance.
The natural sterols in Maca help build muscle especially when you exercise.

Maca makes you feel well nourished.

Maca can lift you out of depression.

Maca enlivens sexual function in both genders.

Maca can help regulate women’s hormonal irregularities.

Maca will help you overcome fatigue & with give you a boost of energy.

Maca will help stimulate your immune system.

Maca can re mineralise you.

If you think you need re-mineralising, then Maca will help you do this naturally. The vast majority of people today eat food that is lower in minerals than our wild foods of yesteryear. This makes us susceptible to disease amongst other things. Maca’s high-mineral content can help you become stronger very quickly.

Maca rebalances your hormones. It doesn’t contain hormones, but it naturally stimulates the pituitary into producing the precursor hormones which ultimately end up raising oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels. It also helps to balance the adrenal glands, the thyroid and the pancreas. It’s claimed by doctors that Maca “regulates” the ovarian function. It’s also effective for women who have undergone complete hysterectomies. One patient who had a very low serum oestradiol level of 15 increased it to 75 after just two months on Maca Over 60 is an adequate post-menopausal level which explains why it is so beneficial to women when there bone density can decrease leading to osteoporosis.

menopausal can help the adrenals produce enough hormones to avoid symptoms! It’s high amino acid content may account for Maca’s reported endocrine & thyroid function enhancement.

How much Maca should I take?
It depends on what you want to achieve. Try taking enough until it doesn’t taste good any more for the first few days — this will ensure you give your body a kick-start.

Boost your libido with Maca 1500-3000 milligrams per day (though you can start off with a smaller amount, such as a teaspoon, and work up as you become used to it).

Boost your health generally with Maca Powder 1-8 teaspoons per day. You will quickly “feel” how much you want, and can have more than this amount if you feel you need it.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Maca is not recommended for women with breast, ovarian, uterine or other hormone-related cancers. Nor is it recommended for men with prostate or testicular cancer or with enlarged prostates. Also, consult your doctor if you have high blood pressure, gall bladder or serious liver disease.