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In just 10 sessions I felt the difference, in 20 sessions I saw the difference, and in 30 sessions I had a whole new body” — Sarah Chesterton, Wimbledon.

*Please note results may vary from person to person.

*Please note results may vary from person to person.

“I felt very bad about my body, health and fitness level. I tried to lose weight on my own several times but it never worked so I finally decided to hire a personal trainer. Detox-Fit came up on the net and I decided to give them a go.

Krupa – Personal Training

“I can’t believe it, I have a six pack!”

Personal Training Testimonial by Dave, Kingston.


“I was nearly 17 stone and probably at my heaviest so decided that enough is enough and I just had to lose weight. I signed up for 50 sessions as had to lose lots of weight but then was paying only around £130 pounds a month. By today I have lost 4.5 stone, dropped 3 jean sizes and I am very pleased.


“I started training with Detox-Fit around 3 months ago. My ‘love handles’ have disappeared almost completely and my fitness level has increased so much. I run now 10 miles 3 times a week and recommend Detox-Fit to all my friends and family!”


“When I was shopping around for a personal trainer I really wanted to have someone very reliable, to achieve my results and to get nutritional support. Detox-Fit really fulfilled all of these expectations and I must say I was very impressed with their diet help, support and tips” David, Essex “Fantastic service and outstanding trainers.


“I’’m amazed that I lost weight and never felt hungry!”

Personal Training Testimonial by Kara, Kilburn


“I’ve lost 7 inches of my waist and 3 inches of my thighs, and this is just the beginning. Thanks Detox-Fit!”

Personal Training Testimonial by Amanda, Chelsea


“I love my new body and get more compliments from fellow work colleagues””

Personal Training Testimonial by Paula, Harrow


“Last year I had my second baby and at that stage my lower stomach had never looked worse so I decided to hire a personal trainer. I was looking for someone with post natal qualifications and experience. My friend Lisa recommended to me Detox-Fit saying that they were great at it.

Jodie & Lisa

“I feel and look sexier and more confident and happy”.”

Personal Training Testimonial by Brigitte, Malden


“I considered myself reasonably fit but this assumption was destroyed when I did my free trial with Detox-Fit. These guys are taking thing very seriously. My body fat % dropped down from a healthy 23.3 to just under 19 and now I am getting ready for the ‘Iron Man’ competition.


“I have more energy and I’’m more productive at work.””

Personal Training Testimonial by Andrew, Hampstead


“I was looking to tone up mainly my thighs, lower stomach and arms as these have been always my problematic areas.  Detox-Fit’’s website stood up and really drawn my attention as was completely different to any others.


*Please note results may vary from person to person.