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Jay’s Story

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Jay is the Founder and CEO of Detox-Fit™

On July 15, 2005, Detox-Fit’s founder Jay Banczer suffered a serious accident. Slipping on the Thames Embankment, he fell 25 feet onto the exposed stony foreshore below. His femur was broken in four places, along with his right wrist, jaw and several teeth.

After two operations and a month in hospital under heavy sedation he was at a low ebb. There seemed to be little chance of a full recovery, and even less of a return to his training career. “I felt weak, depressed and scared”, Jay recalls. But I decided that, with the knowledge and experience I had, I had to fight back, regardless of the odds. I started by doing small exercises while still in bed, ignoring as much as I could the pain, the numbness in my damaged limbs and the doctors’ saying “you may not be able to walk normally ever again”.

As soon as I could support myself on crutches, I walked every day to the gym and swimming pool and insisted on regular physiotherapy and massage.What was most important, though, was my decision never to accept the fact that I would be unable to walk and run again normally”.

Jay’s determination paid off. Exactly five months and 18 days after his accident he resumed work as a professional trainer.

“I was able to prove to myself and others than positivity, determination and courage can overcome even the worst accidents and injuries. I’m now better and fitter than before my accident, because I know that I am stronger inside”.


Jay’s Qualifications & Expertise:

  • Nutrition Specialist
  • Plant-Based Nutrition
  • Master Personal Trainer Level 4
  • 12 years expertise in Mobile Personal Training
  • Creator of the Detox-Fit Effects System

Jay is vegan and a very keen sportsman who regularly practices snowboarding, weight lifting, body weight training, running and tennis.

Jay before and after

“The picture on the left it’s me 3 years ago when I was at my heaviest (104.7kg). At that time I had changed my lifestyle from being super active to a more sedentary one, involving lots of office hours and car driving while my diet was that of a typical Briton. So basically I was eating lots of meat, fish, eggs and dairy every day, even though I thought I was eating pretty healthy, as in my opinion I thought I was eating ‘plenty of vegetables.’

I looked and felt awful. I decided that I had enough and that I couldn’t  and didn’t want to represent Detox-Fit looking like that, so I finally decided to make a total turnaround. I did so using my own company’s methods: our Detox-Fit Effect System. Our Master Trainer Pawel put me through my paces and Evany took over my nutrition.

The results, as seen on the right picture, speak for themselves. Weighing back then 104.7kg my body fat was 23.8% and now I weigh 90kg while my body fat is 9.8% on average.

As they say you have to ‘walk the talk’ and prove to the world that what we sell works, and it when it done correctly it works amazingly for everyone.