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Healthy Vegan Meal Delivery

Launched in 1015, Detox-Food was created by the founders and brains behind Detox-Fit™, Jay & Evany, Fitness, Nutrition & Health Experts.

Detox-Food is the pioneer of the very first and one and only 100% vegan meal delivery service not only in UK but also in the whole Europe. For the first time ever, we are able to offer you delicious meals that are 100% healthy, safe and highly nutritious, without any of the things that our bodies don’t need and which are seriously detrimental to our health.

There are countless of meal delivery companies out there that brand themselves as “healthy”, yet their meals are far from healthy. At present, we are the only ones who can truly and proudly wear the “100% healthy” crown.

Our wholesome ingredients are naturally optimized for outstanding health, fitness & weight loss, 100% safe, most optimally digested and absorbed by our body and highly nutrient-dense. Our meals are suitable for all people and all fitness and health goals.

Some of the benefits of eating plant-based are:
✓ Weight and fat loss

✓ Detox

✓ Health improvement

✓ Athletic performance, strength & toning

✓ Immune boosting – Disease prevention and even reversal

✓ Metabolism boost

✓ Glowing and healthier skin, hair and nails

✓ Reduction of cellulite, as no animal hormones or protein is consumed

✓ Packed with all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your body needs

✓ Most optimal digestion & nutrients absorption

✓ Highly alkaline

✓ Highly antioxidant

It doesn’t get any healthier than this!

Our amazing meals are created by actual vegans and fitness & nutrition experts, thus this is an integral part of our very lifestyle, not just a business move, a fad, a new trend or just another “diet”. Our core principle and driving force is to share this outstanding and healthiest lifestyle with all our customers.

Detox-Food prides itself in delivering the highest ethical standards, so you will know that enjoying our delicious and highly nutritious meals did not cause any unnecessary harm to animals and to our planet.

Our wholesome meals are delivered directly to you with Love & Passion. Our ingredients will nourish not only your body, but also your mind and soul.

✓ 100% organic ingredients

✓ 100% plant-based

✓ Non-GM

✓ Dairy-Free

✓ Sugar-Free

✓ Free of animal hormones

✓ Cruelty-Free

✓ Chemicals-Free

✓ Ecologically friendly

✓ Love & Passion included!

We would like to strongly encourage everybody to join the Vegan Detox-Revolution and embrace this clean and cruelty-free way of eating. It will only bring benefits. Guaranteed!