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Green Beast!

Never underestimate the Power of the Greens!

Why? Because they are a great source of calcium, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, disease-fighting phytochemicals, clean protein and highly alkaline. Your body needs them. Your body loves them and is craving for them.

Many other green powerhouses aren’t included in this image, like broccoli, peas, spirulina and bok choy.

Today, most people put some scattered greens here and there on their plate, mainly to make it look cuter or for decorative purposes. Because they look great and healthy. But that isn’t enough. You *must* eat them. And not just a few, but a lot of them. Greens are FOOD, SUPER-FOOD!

✔Great for your health

✔Great for healthy and glowing skin and hair
They are so good for you that you can eat as many of them as you like. The sky is the limit. As vegans you can imagine the huge amount of greens we eat.

Nurture your body with real food. Eat Life & goodness = only benefits guaranteed.

So come on, how about you join us for a bowl of Green Power?!

By Evany Ibáñez-Banczer