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Detox-Fit™ was created in 2008 after Jay’s near-death & life changing accident and his practically miraculous rehabilitation. Read more about this here.

It was this remarkable event that sparked the idea of creating a personal training brand that would conquer London.

“I wanted to pass on the same optimism, will to fight, belief in better and ‘can do attitude’ to people who struggle with their weight & health, fitness level, illnesses or recoveries and to those who lack of motivation”, says Jay.

From the very beginning, customers’ feedback was truly amazing and so Detox-Fit™ boomed and started to expand really rapidly across the whole London as more and more happy customers joined in and more outstanding professional personal trainers were hired to meet the growing demand.

“Detox-Fit™ was primarily built on empathy and a true understanding of our clients’ goals & needs, and so it was strategically designed to efficiently deliver this capability, thanks to our ‘Detox-Fit™ Effects System’ which is an unique combination of the most remarkable and effective training methods and our Detox-Fit Diet plan”, says Evany, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Detox-Fit™

Apart from combining the newest and most efficient techniques in training and the best possible nutrition information and guidance, Detox-Fit™ also hires the best personal trainers across all London and UK. The standards of interviews and testing of potential candidates are extremely high and Jay & Evany personally filter, interview and recruit all the personal trainers, thus always ensuring the highest and greatest quality of its staff.

Currently Detox-Fit™ is the most successful and sought-after mobile personal training brand in London, counting with over 35 personal trainers, covering the whole London area and counting with more than 2,000 customers.

In 2015, taking things to a whole new level, the founders Jay & Evany launched the only one of its kind in UK and Europe Vegan Food Meals Delivery service under the name of  Detox-Food as well as an exclusive range of health and nutrition supplements and much more under the brand name of Detox-Elements.

“This next step will allow us to give to our customers even better fitness & health results, completely differentiating us and allowing us to clearly stand out from any other competitors”, say Jay & Evany contentedly.

What are you waiting for? Join the Detox-Fit Revolution!